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Teeth Whitening

nice-smile.pngI have read about tooth whitening, what does it involve?

There a number of different ways to lighten the colour of your teeth, the most common being a tray and gel method. After a thorough check-up to make sure you don't have any leaking fillings or problems with your enamel we take an imprint of your upper and lower teeth. The laboratory then constructs a tray which closely fits your teeth.

After a few days you will be asked to come back to have a scale and polish and receive instructions on how to correctly load the tray with bleaching gel to be worn overnight for 7-10 nights. The bleaching kit you are given includes a whitening toothpaste to be used in conjunction with the bleaching gel.

You can reasonably expect to improve the colour of your teeth by two shades, making them visibly brighter and whiter. Upper and lower tooth whitening costs £520.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Your dentist will assess the colour of your teeth and decide if bleaching is appropriate. It may not be suitable if

  • You have discolouration caused by tetracycline staining
  • Your teeth are very worn or sensitive due to erosion or toothbrush abrasion
  • Your teeth are already in the whitest colour range!

How long does it last?

Bleaching causes a permanent colour change to the teeth. You will still need regular scale and polishes to remove extrinsic stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine etc. You may wish to top the bleaching up every couple of years, but this is easy and inexpensive because the trays will still fit. Click here if you would like to make an appointment to have this carried out.

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