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There are a number of different types of filling materials available depending on the size, shape and location of the cavity. Your dentist will advise you on which are best suited for your particular tooth.

Types of Fillings

Amalgam (silver) fillings

  • Are strong and durable but have poor aesthetics and contain silver and mercury
  • Are non adhesive so require more tooth removal for retention.

Composite (white) fillings

before_white_filling_new.png after_white_filling_new.png

  • Are a close match to the natural tooth colour and are mercury free
  • Are adhesive which enables as minimal tooth removal as possible and can help to prevent the tooth breaking in the future
  • May be more sensitive to temperature changes initially
  •  Are best suited to small cavities and those near the front of the mouth.

Gold inlay/onlay fillings

  • Have excellent strength and durability
  • Protect the tooth from further breaks
  • Are most suitable for large fillings at the back of the mouth
  • Involve two visits and a laboratory fee.

Ceramic (porcelain) inlay/onlay fillings

  • Look very natural
  • Have good strength and durability
  • Protect the tooth due to adhesion
  • Are suitable for back teeth and fillings visible in the smile.
  • involve two appointments and a laboratory fee.


Practice Location

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