Kingswalk Dental Implant Practice


Each dentist at our practice follows ‘best practice’ guidelines for carrying out your examination. These guidelines are based on current recommendations from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the Faculty of General Dental Practice and the General Dental Council.


We view each patient as an individual and not just a mouth. As a new patient your dentist will ask you important information about your medical history, previous dental experience and any particular areas you would like to address during your consultation. Please be assured that all information is treated as confidential and will only be made available to other relevant professionals within the practice (dental nurses, hygienist etc) with your permission.

At each check up we assess:

  • Medical history
  • Previous dental history
  • Extra oral – face, neck, jaw joint, lips
  • Intra oral – palate, cheeks, tongue, floor of mouth
  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Oral hygiene
  • Any specific problem you report

We will make a provisional diagnosis and carry out any necessary radiographs (X-rays). If you require any remedial treatment to relieve pain, this will be carried out during this appointment. Your dentist will discuss with you any relevant findings and provide advice on appropriate treatment options.

Please click here if you would like to arrange an appointment to have a check-up.

Why should you have the soft parts of your mouth checked?

A dentist examines more than your teeth when you go for a check-up.

The dentist can easily check for non-healing mouth ulcers, red or white patches which are often painless and you may not have noticed. These could be an early indication of a more serious mouth condition. If changes in your mouth are checked out early, a more serious condition can be prevented or treated early.

Smoking, using tobacco in other forms, and drinking large amounts of alcohol can affect the soft tissues in your mouth.

Practice Location

By foot from the RVI: along Queen Victoria Rd then bear left at the junction of Richardson Rd.

The Practice is situated towards the top end of Leazes Park Rd, along from La Toscana and opposite Barker and Stonehouse

By car: parking on Leazes Park Rd

By metro or bus: alight at the Haymarket

By foot from the Haymarket: Walk along Percy St and turn up St. Thomas St, then turn left to Leazes Park Rd.

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