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Anxious Patients

sedation.pngMany patients experience anxiety about coming to the dentist, often because of one or more of these reasons: 

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of embarrassment about their teeth
  • Not knowing how much it will cost
  • Memories of a previous bad experience (often in childhood) possibly with GA (gas)
  • Lack of trust in their dentist

Dentistry has come along way in the last fifty years.  Modern dentistry should be pain free and carried out in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We use all the latest local anaesthetic techniques and solutions to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. We spend time with all our patients, particularly children, using the ‘show, tell, do’ technique to desensitise patients who are anxious about treatment.

For many patients, just making the first appointment can be difficult. We understand this and ask that you let our receptionist know that you feel this way, in order that the dentist can endeavour to avoid keeping you waiting too long.

We have coffee, tea and water available in the waiting room and complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste for your use if you would like to freshen up before going in for your check up.

Often the check up reveals everything in your mouth is fine, even after long periods of not visiting the dentist. But please don’t worry; our dentists are sure to have seen it all before!

What is sedation?

Intravenous Conscious Sedation is the administration of a Valium type drug which is given by an injection in the arm or back of hand, which renders the patient relaxed and comfortable so that they are able to have their dental treatment carried out without being anxious or worried. The patient is able to maintain verbal contact with the operator but will have no or little recollection of the appointment. It feels like you have been asleep and that time has passed very quickly. There is no nausea associated with sedation. It is NOT general anaesthesia because you will NOT be unconscious. Once you are sedated, you will still need to have an injection next to the tooth, but you won’t be frightened of having anything done.

When is it used?

  • For needle phobic patients
  • For patients who have dental anxiety
  • For complex or prolonged treatment
  • For some surgical procedures

A thorough medical history is taken and your general health assessed to make sure you are fit for sedation. You will be given further information and a consent form for treatment.

Click here if you would like to arrange an appointment to have a sedation assessment.

Practice Location

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