Kingswalk Dental Implant Practice

Payment Plans


Kingswalk Dental Implant Practice provides care under the following systems of payment:

Independent (pay as you go)

Under this arrangement the patient attends under a six month recall programme and simply pays for whatever items of service are required at each visit. They are given written estimates of cost and/or detailed reports of clinical findings and treatment plan options. They are referred to the hygienist where appropriate. Although there is no registration element to this option, their emergency appointments will be prioritised and their routine appointments will usually be offered within 5-7days. Early morning and late appointments are available.

Capitation Schemes

Denplan offer Full Care cover for monthly payments. It can cost between £16 and £35 a month depending on which fee band you are assessed to be in, and covers all check ups, xrays, scale and polish, fillings, root fillings, extractions, crowns and bridges etc.

We also offer Denplan essentials which costs just £14.00 a month and covers you for your basic dental needs ( check ups, Xrays and two scale and polishes a year) whilst giving you a 20% discount on any additional treatement.

 Both the Full care and the Essentials packages include worldwide cover for any dental emergencies you may have whilst travelling here and abroad. It excludes lab fees, sedation and implants. In addition to all the benefits of being registered with Kingswalk, there is access to 24 hour worldwide cover, simply by ringing the appropriate helpline number. Early morning and late appointments are available.

RegFacID: 225810A

Denplan Care

2017 Current Fee
£15.97  £21.27  £24.45 £30.28 £35.06

The majority of patients fall into category B or C.


Methods of payment

We request payment at the end of each visit and accept cash or debit/credit card payments

Practice Location

By foot from the RVI: along Queen Victoria Rd then bear left at the junction of Richardson Rd.

The Practice is situated towards the top end of Leazes Park Rd, along from La Toscana and opposite Barker and Stonehouse

By car: parking on Leazes Park Rd

By metro or bus: alight at the Haymarket

By foot from the Haymarket: Walk along Percy St and turn up St. Thomas St, then turn left to Leazes Park Rd.

Practice Location Map
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