Kingswalk Dental Implant Practice


emergency.pngThe following situations are classified as a dental emergency and should be seen urgently:

  • Excessive bleeding following an extraction
  • A severe swelling which is encroaching on the airway space
  • Direct tooth trauma following an accident

In the event of any of these situations please contact the practice immediately on 0191 2220725 and you will be seen straight away. If it is out of normal surgery hours you will receive a message detailing the NHS 24 hour emergency cover. If you a Denplan member you will have been issued a 24 hour helpline number for your use here and abroad.

The following situations are classified as less urgent but it is desirable to be seen within 48 hours:

  • Continuous toothache not relieved with regular pain relief medications
  • Broken tooth/filling which is sharp and causing tongue ulceration
  • Lost crown or temporary crown
  • Lost filling at the front of the mouth

Please contact the practice and you will be offered a toothache slot within 48 hours

The following situations are non urgent but require attention within 7-10 days:

  • Lost filling, no pain
  • Bleeding gums on brushing
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold or sweet stimuli
  • Occasional pain on biting
  • Lost temporary filling

Please contact the practice and you will be offered the next available appointment.

Most dental pain is inflammatory in nature and can be relieved with the use of paracetamol in conjunction with a Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug  ( e.g Nurofen, ibuprofen ) The use of a warm salt and water mouthwash, or Corsodyl mouthwash can help relieve the discomfort of a dental abscess swelling. Avoid extremes of temperature and biting on the  affected area.

If your child has fallen and knocked a front tooth:

If the child is less than six years old it is likely to be a baby tooth and if the child is not distressed he/she may or may not require any treatment. Please ring the surgery for advice.

If they are over six and if the whole tooth has come out, store the tooth in the child’s saliva or milk and come to the practice as soon as possible, it may be possible to put the lost tooth back in place, or restore the fractured section.

Teeth which have suffered trauma may develop problems with the nerve in the future. Signs to look out for are discolouration ( pinking or greying) tenderness on biting or a swelling in the gum next to the tooth.

Practice Location

By foot from the RVI: along Queen Victoria Rd then bear left at the junction of Richardson Rd.

The Practice is situated towards the top end of Leazes Park Rd, along from La Toscana and opposite Barker and Stonehouse

By car: parking on Leazes Park Rd

By metro or bus: alight at the Haymarket

By foot from the Haymarket: Walk along Percy St and turn up St. Thomas St, then turn left to Leazes Park Rd.

Practice Location Map
Need to make an appointment - 0191 222 0725