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Radiology Policy


Why do I need to have Xrays taken?

  • Your dentist will assess your teeth and fillings, and together with an analysis of your previous decay rate and diet, will decide how often you need to have routine Xrays. It is likely to be every 18 to 30 months. They are used to detect decay in between teeth and underneath existing fillings, as well as showing if there is bone loss due to gum disease.
  • In addition to regular screening Xrays, your dentist may need to take an Xray if you have toothache which is caused by an abscess or tooth fracture.
  • They are also needed when you have root canal work to assess exactly how long the roots are.

Radiation policy

We operate a radiation policy for the safety and protection of staff and patients. Our policy is based on the 'Guidance notes for dental practitioners on the safe use of Xray equipment' issued June 2001 and the requirements of the 'Ionising radiation regulations 1999' and 'The Ionising radiation (medical exposure) regulations 2000'.  The aims of the policy are to ensure all radiographs are justified, exposures which have 'no merit' are avoided and to reduce the patient doses to as low as reasonably possible.

  • All staff who are involved in the taking and developing of radiographs are trained to an appropriate level. All training is recorded.
  • All radiographic equipment is installed, serviced and maintained in accordance with the above guidelines and the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • A quality assurance system is in place, and all policies and procedures are reviewed and monitored on a regular basis. The system includes staff training records, risk assessments, clinical audit and equipment use and maintenance records.
  • The Health and Safety executive has been notified that radiographic equipment has been installed on these premises.

The practice has appointed an appropriate person as our radiation protection advisor, who will provide regular advice to the legal person.

The legal person responsible for implementing our radiology policy is Mrs. Lesley Cave.

Practice Location

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