Kingswalk Dental Implant Practice

Cross Infection Policy

facilities_3.pngWhat measures does the practice take to ensure my safety from infection?

As part of our infection control policy:

  • All staff receive on going training and appraisal in cross infection control procedures. They must be immunised against Hepatitis B and Rubella in order to work in the surgeries.
  • The practice provides staff with protective clothing, gloves and eyewear that should be worn during all procedures. Patients are also provided with eye protection and bibs for all procedures. Hands are washed using the cleansing solution provided at the beginning of a session and in between each patient and a new pair of gloves are used for each patient.
  • All instruments are first cleaned by hand and then they are sterilised in an autoclave. This eliminates all bacteria and viruses.
  • All sterilised instruments are stored in an appropriate ‘clean area’ within the surgery.
  • All working areas are kept to a minimum, clearly identified zone and are cleaned and disinfected after every patient.
  • Needles and scalpels are all single use and are disposed of in the yellow sharps container, which must be no more than two-thirds full.
  • All clinical waste is stored and disposed of in accordance with H&S legislation
  • All staff observe total confidentiality in all matters relating to the patients to the practice.
  • All patients have their medical history checked and updated at each visit.

NB all endodontic instruments are now single use.

Practice Location

By foot from the RVI: along Queen Victoria Rd then bear left at the junction of Richardson Rd.

The Practice is situated towards the top end of Leazes Park Rd, along from La Toscana and opposite Barker and Stonehouse

By car: parking on Leazes Park Rd

By metro or bus: alight at the Haymarket

By foot from the Haymarket: Walk along Percy St and turn up St. Thomas St, then turn left to Leazes Park Rd.

Practice Location Map
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